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7 members

Remi, Julian, Romain, Thomas, Florian, Alex and Jim. They are Charlie and the Soap Opera

Over 100

Meanwhile their youngness, they’ve already played over a 100 concerts in France, always in front of an exited audience

2 EP - 1 Album

in 3 years they’ve recorded 2 EP (2013 – 2014) and an album (2015). Over 19 songs already recorded, and more to play on stage.

Alright - Shooted by GoPro

GoPro Clip, view it on youtu.be

Lyon, January 2011, Rémi Tchango, pianist, singer and composer decides to gather a band.
He calls up old friends and they begin to play in the concert cafés of the French city, and through these jam sessions he meets several musicians. Quickly, he finds artists with whom he forms a solid and determined team, united by their common passion for soul, rock and funk music.
From the beginning, the band chooses to adopt a unique style, inspired by the great soul artists and “old school” musicians (Ray Charles, Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin…), but also by modern artists such as Jamiroquai, Prince, and Raphael Saadiq.
On stage, Charlie leads the dance. This eccentric character with his top hat jumping from his piano to the front of the stage invites you into the crowded, yet welcoming universe of this excited soul music, sometimes angry, sometimes melancholic. All the composed pieces of the band trigger a wild range of emotions in the public, heightened by the energetic sound that makes perfect sense when Charlie and the Soap Opera appear on stage.


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